Archive shots from 2012 I consider favorites.

“The Skier”

The Skier

A cross country skier in Earl Bales Park.

“Crooked Fence”

Crooked Fence

“Tall Man”

Tall Man

Capturing my own shadow at Woodbine Beach.

“Seat Lines #2″

Seat Lines #2

“Modern Sci-Fi #3″

Modern Sci-Fi #3

Scene at Sheppard subway station.

“Tunnel Vision #6″

Tunnel Vision #6

“The Five Rings”

The Five Rings

Five ringed bike racks seen at Sherbourne Common.

“Rocky Beach”

Rocky Beach



Sphinx replica statue seen at the grounds of the CNE.

“Untitled #37″

Untitled #37

“Window Washer”

Window Washer

Seen at York Mills Centre.