Archive shots from 2011 I consider favorites.

“Darkness Overhead”

On the ferry going to Toronto Island.

“Frosted Barrier”

On the grounds of the R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant.  As evidenced above, this was taken during a bitter cold winter day (-20C).  Despite the frigid air, the light

coming through the clouds was perfect and made for a great scene.

“Curved Bench”

Seen at Sugar Beach, these benches are unique pieces of street furniture.  Because there was an opening at each end to look through, I wanted to see what it would look

like…and this magnificent abstract presented itself to me.

“Structures #2″

At the heart of the financial district, near Bay and Wellington.

“Tunnel Vision”

These long exposure tunnel shots can be tricky, especially when the subway driver jerks back and forth unexpectedly. I think I pulled it off nicely.

“Working on the Railroad”

Seen at Sheppard Ave. E.  The land surrounding the tracks was under construction, but I was able to get access to them just to get

a view of what it looked like.  The vanishing point of the tracks and the storm clouds overhead helped a great deal.

“Matrix #2″

A mirrored image stitched together in Photoshop.

“Wheel in the Sky”

Seen in Music Garden, at Queens Quay W.  Another abstraction that works well.  With the iron bars in the shape of a wheel, and the blue sky in the background.

“Fog and Trees”

Early morning fog creates an eerie scene in the park.

“Ghost Riders”

Double exposure on King St. outside Commerce Court.

“The Perfect Morning”

Two paddle boarders out on Lake Ontario.  I added an orange filter in Lightroom to give the finished look some vibrancy that didn’t exist in the original.

“Untitled #21″

Seen in a pond at Toronto Island.

“Angles in Blue”

An abstract shot of the exterior of Loblaws (Queen St. W. and Portland).