Archive shots from 2010 I consider favorites.


This sculpture is called “Pi” by Evan Grant Penny and is located at the Toronto Dominion Centre on Wellington street.

They are tremendous works of art, but are hardly noticeable because their location is tucked away in an area where not many people walk through.

“Through the Looking Glass”

City Hall as viewed through a glass paperweight that also serves as a text magnifier.

“Keeping the Peace”

Captured during the G20 summit in Toronto, an RCMP officer looks on as protesters gather outside the U.S. Consulate on University Ave.

“Any Colour You Like”

A participant at Caribana wearing a colourful costume.

“R.O.M. Crystal”

The Royal Ontario Museum’s Micheal Lee Chin Crystal is a polarizing piece of architecture here in Toronto.  Some hate it’s jagged angular appearance, clashing with the original structure built in 1914.  Myself and others feel it is a bold statement in an otherwise dreary and grey architectural landscape.

“Red Leaf”

Taken during Autumn in the wooded valley area near my home, I really liked the contrast of the brilliant red against the green background.