Archives shots from 2009 I consider favorites.

“Martian World”

This was taken a few hours after a huge thunderstorm in Northern Ontario, and the blood red sky was like nothing I had ever seen before.


Another picture from the same storm from the picture above, this time taken on the other side of the lake.


A stylized wall/sculpture on the campus of UofT.  I wanted to give the picture a sense of depth, by composing the shot at an angle rather than straight on.

“Light and Shadow”

Sunlight casting shadows on the chairs at Yonge and Dundas Square.

“Ghosts at the Ex”

The Ex is an annual pastime attended by Canadians and tourists of all persuasions, officially marking the end of summer (this years Exhibition goes from August 17th to Sept. 3rd).  One of the best times to take pictures here is in the evening, when all of the fairs’ colours stand out against the backdrop of the night sky.

For this shot, I decided to take a 2 frame 2 second exposure to blur patrons walking past me.

“Stadium Seat Lines”

Abstract shot of the Barry Zuckerman Auditorium in Earl Bales Park.

“Zooming Taxi”

Wanted to try my hand at some street panning downtown, so I took this one of a taxi cab making a right turn off King Street.

The contrast of the cab’s red and yellow exterior makes it stand out with the lack of colour in the background.

“Bow Tie and Cigarette”

A street performer takes a smoke break during the ‘Word on the Street’ festival, dedicated to the promotion of Canadian Literature.

“Girl with Umbrella”

Taken on the morning of Pride Parade, it was raining before the parade began and many were carrying umbrellas, including this girl who I managed to get a candid shot of.

“Girl with Umbrella #2″

Same as above, but different girl.

“Guy at Pride”

This guy caught me shooting him straight on, but didn’t say anything.