Archives shots from 2008 I consider favorites.

“Man in the Window”

Taken on a wet and freezing winter night on Baldwin St, a young man was sitting having dinner by the window at this Italian restaurant I walked past.  His silhouette, and the condensation from the heat inside made this a tremendously atmospheric picture.


Saw this young girl on Queen St. W. hanging out with her friend.  Had a wild beehive hairdo, and seemed to lack any kind of self-consciousness about it.  I was carrying my 70-300mm telephoto with me at the time, and since I was further up the street I figured I wouldn’t be spotted.

“Smoking Cowboy”

The Junction (Dundas St W. and Keele St.) neighborhood is always a great place for street photography.  Every year they have an arts festival which brings out many colourful and eccentric individuals.  This man in particular caught my eye because of his hat, and the cigarette smoke exhaled from his mouth.


Nothing much to say about this one, except that I like the softness and simplicity of these plants.

“Here and Back Again”

Taken up north on Georgian Bay in the early morning, only the sound of geese was present on this still and tranquil event.

“Colour Wheel”

The large ferris wheel at the CNE is always a big attraction for photographers.  Taken for a 30 second exposure.