Hurricane Sandy

On early Wednesday morning, Hurricane Sandy arrived into town with its near 100mph winds causing blackouts, downed power lines, scattering of debris, and

broken trees such as this one here in my neighbourhood.  Not even close to the devastation in the United States, but we still felt much of Sandy’s wrath.

I was awakened at approximately 2am to a loud crash and banging sound, which I assumed was a blown transformer since they make the same noise when that happens.

I fell asleep just after that, but was awoken again by the sound of voices outside.  The Fire Department had arrived to assess the damage, clear some debris off the road,

and tape off the street restricting access to motorists.

The tree this branch had snapped off from is a very big and old Weeping Willow.  Had the damage been more extensive such as the tree itself collapsing, it would be a

completely different story.  Thankfully this occurred when no one was around to get hit by it.


  1. Wow, amazing storm and shots!

  2. glad youre safe. Manhattan is chaos but its getting better.

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